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JE Items & Hana Yori Dango Saturn Necklace!!!

Big Discounts Available!!! Need to get rid of this stuff!!! Added a few more items too~

Can ship out this Thursday, so contact me immediately~ ^_^

hi~ i have a bunch of items i would like to sell:

My Girl (aiba-chan's drama)- clearfiles, pencils, phone straps, 1 brand new photobook

Kaibutsu-kun (ohno-kun's drama)- pencils and ball pens

Gokusen 3 (HSJump!'s takaki)- pencils and ball pens, and a strap from the movie DVD release

5x10 Concert-
whole set of 5 mini uchiwa
group/nino clearfiles
group/aiba photoset

phone straps/charms: i also have a whole set of the straps from the 6 venues available, as well as an additional sapporo and tokyo strap and an extra nagoya/tokyo/sapporo charm.

AU KDDI COLORxDESIGN booklet, Ohoku flyer ad & Saigo no Yakusoku DVD release ad free with purchase of the 6 venue set of straps! (other freebies [like a HYD Saturn necklace, maybe? ^_~] also available with purchase of this set. interested? please email me for details~)

AAA2008 Concert- i have an extra jun and aiba clearfile for sale but i would be willing to trade one of them for the ohno clearfile from the same concert too~

Dream "A"live Concert- complete set of the 6 different photosets available. i also have an additional aiba/sho set



i also have 2 extra copies of the TV LIFE magazine that featured SMAP on the cover with the Aiba Sugoroku inside.

akanishi jin on the cover of AN AN available as well (the semi-nude issue, yes) - free Bandage promo items with purchase!

1 copy of +act. mini vol. 02 from 2008 with ohno satoshi and ikuta toma promoting Maou on the cover available as well. there is a 36 page spread featuring the other main actors from the drama as well.

i also have a huge amount of magazines (Potato, Wink Up, and Duet) from 2004-2008 that i would be willing to sell clippings from (Arashi and NEWS are excluded). any of the Johnny's Jrs. (Ikuta Toma excluded) and Hey!Say!JUMP are up for sale. if an actor/actress is featured in the back of the magazine monthly, let me know who youre interested in and i can cut them out too! prices can be discussed depending on how many pages are being bought.

Aiba-chan's family restaurant straps (Keikarou) on hand. all original three colors (white, pink and black) available!

if you are interested in anything, please email me at ivee83@hotmail.com for prices and pictures and please include your shipping location and a link to your lj so i know who you are.

*discounts and freebies given if you buy a lot of items at once~*
the more you buy, the bigger the discount/the more freebies! ^_^

Hana Yori Dango Saturn replica necklace! availability is limited, so this will be a first paid, first served order. again, pictures emailed by request~ ^_^ only a handful still available, so please contact me as soon as possible!


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