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Looking to buy manga and anime

I moved to a new city, but I don't have any manga here. Looking to kinda fix that problem. I'm in the USA, looking for cheap English books and complete anime series.

BL/Yaoi Manga Titles

A Strange and Mystifying Story 2
Barefoot Waltz
Delivery Cupid
Desire Sensibility
Drunken Love
Dry Heat
The Guilty (Novel) 4
I Can't Even Breathe without You
Intense Rain
I've Moved Next Door to You
Junjo Romantica 12
La Satanica
The Lonely Egoist (Novel)
Love Knot (BLU version)
Lover's Pledge
Mamiya Doll House
Moonlit Promises
New Beginnings
Pure Heart
Right Here, Right Now
Scandalous Seiryo University 4
Silver Diamond 5-6
Your Honest Deceit 2
Your Love Sickness


Avatar: The Last Airbender (complete series or box sets)
GetBackers (complete series or box sets)
Junjo Romantica
Princess Mononoke
Yu Yu Hakusho (complete series or box sets)
Random hentai (show me what ya got)

Tags: anime, manga: english, wanted
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