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I added some new items for sale including SMW items, bento items, tins, etc~~ 

Here's a little preview of the new items: 

Prices are in USD and do not include shipping. I am shipping from Canada. Paypal only.
I'm open to trades, pretty much anything Sailor Moon and Pokemon plushies too! 
I have over 200 positive feedback as a seller at my
Etsy shop.

If you're also interested in other kawaii items from Sanrio, Disney, Kamio, Crux, etc, visit my
journal for more items! :)

SMW Bento Flags - $8
From the small picture on the bottom, the flags show all the inner scouts & Neptune/Uranus/Pluto too!

SMW Child's Toothbrush - make offer
I'm not sure if it's brand new or not, but I took a close up pic so judge for yourselves! 

Sailor Moon Tins - $5 each
Blue one includes a little ruler! These tins can fit band-aids and other small items.

Eternal Sailor Moon Tin - $8
I'm keeping one! Very sparkly & gold!

SMW Plastic Sheets - $4 each
These are small but the artwork is beautiful!

I might or might not sell these, but feel free to make offers!

Sailor Moon Pins
- some are new/sealed, others are in great condition
- all have sparkly gold backing
- pins in second pic are from my collection, shown for a clearer picture without glare from bag

Mars Heart Pin - $5 each
both Venus sold
Luna Pin sold

Venus/Mercury/Mars raindrop-shaped - $5 each
Star Fighter - $5
Venus ribbon - $5
Mars on the very left - $6

Molly / Naru Keychain - Irwin - $4 obo

- sealed, never opened
- a little of the cardboard is scratched off

Tuxedo Mask 6 inch Adventure Doll - Irwin - $10
- sealed, never opened
- top right corner of box is peeled off, besides that, box is in good condition

Sailor Mercury Excellent Model Figure 19 inches tall - Bandai - $100
- these are the most accurate & detailed figures Bandai ever made
- great way to start your Excellent Model collection!
- includes everything it's suppose to come with
- top right corner of plastic window on box is ripped, besides that, box is in good condition
- picture with Moon is for size comparison only, not for sale

Sailor Moon Cards - $1 each or $4 for all

Sailor Moon North American Cards - $2 for the set obo

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