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Happy Mania by Moyoco Anno


HAPPY MANIA graphic novels by Moyoco Anno.

Published by Tokyopop. These books retail for 9.99 each. They are in near PERFECT condition. They are in English, but read right to left.

I do not see anything wrong with them. I take really good care of all my books. There are no "dog-eared" pages, no pencil marks inside the books, no ripped pages, nothing like that.

Shigeta is an attractive and 'physically active' female looking for her soulmate in all the wrong places. In this day and age, love is a game people play to gain an advantage over others. Sincerity and honesty are often thrown by the wayside in an effort to get to the top. However, there are those - like Shigeta - who still look for true love in spite of it all. This is their story.

It's a brand new year and Shigeta decides to swear off men for good ... a resolution that doesn't last long, of course. In the course of this volume, she gets kidnapped by her stalker, and hears Takahashi profess his love for her ... only to have him fly off to America when all is said and done.

Another volume and another series of tragi-comic sexual escapades. Shigeta meets and falls for a handsome ceramicist - eventually quitting her job and becoming an apprentice at his studio. But some very gnarly complications ensue and - despite a visit from her beloved Takahashi - Shigeta ends the book alone again, naturally.

Shigeta walks in on Takahashi and Violet having sex ... then decides to accept the apologetic Takahashi's marriage proposal. Until she meets a guy in her new job as a wine merchant who turns out to be married; they get involved, he tries to break it off, she becomes a stalker ... meanwhile, she allows her engagement to Takahashi to continue, mainly because he cannot hear her over the phone when she tries to break it off. Oy vey!

$30.00 USD
Shipping (media mail within the US): $1.50

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