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30 June 2010 @ 10:50 pm
JRock/JPop CDs and singles, DVDs, Magazines and MORE for sale!  

Re-posting with a few NEW ITEMS ADDED(as of 6/30/10), so please take a look :)

I am desperately in need of money and space so I would like to sell as much of these things as I can.

Asking prices are listed, but feel free to make an offer as well - prices are negotiable!

Shipping: Shipping will be determined after depending on location. For multiple CD or magazine purchases, flat rate options are available. If you would like a shipping quote, please tell me your postal code and the city where you are. Multiple purchases = potential discounts on shipping AND item price, so please ask!!! I will combine orders if able.

Payment: I accept PayPal, Money Order (within the US), and concealed cash (In US currency and AT BUYER'S OWN RISK). If using PayPal, I ask that you do compensate for the fees.

Any questions regarding these items are more than welcome. I apologize for the bad pictures - all I have now is my cell camera. I can certainly take more (better) pictures upon request.

Anyone looking for a specific item (especially magazines), please feel free to ask. I have some things that I would be willing to part with if given the right offer :)

Shulla – Chabangeki Sono Ni --- $8
Condition: Very good. Some wear on the case and obi. Disk in great condition.
X-Japan – DAHLIA --- $10
Condition: Good. Slight play wear. No obi.
X-Japan – The Last Live --- $25
Condition: Good. Case has some wear. Some play wear on first disk only. No obi.
Baroque – Sukebe Boy Single ---$5
Condition: Good. On small scratch that does not affect play. No Obi.
Moi Dix Mois – Dix infernal --- $10
Condition: Very good.
Schwarz Stein – New vogue children --- $10
Condition: Very good.
Janne Da Arc – Z-Hard --- $3
Condition: Fair. Booklet missing. FREE for anyone who buys both of the other two Janne Da Arc CDs. Obi included.
Janne Da Arc – D・N・A --- $10
Condition: Good. Some case wear and small crack.
Janne Da Arc – Another Story -- $10
Condition: Very good.

NOT PICTURED ABOVE - Please ask if you would like to see pictures :)

TM Revolution - triple joker --- $10
Condition: Good. Some play wear and one small crack on back of case. No Obi.
Special Feature: Comes with computer feature including PV clip, profile, bio, and TMR game.

BUCK-TICK - Glamorous Single --- $6
Condition: Very good. Comes with Obi and sticker.
BUCK-TICK - Darker Than Darkness --- $8
Condition: Good. Obi was taped to outside. Booklet has finger marks.
Condition: Good. Case has wear and tape residue. Disc and booklet is good condition.
BUCK-TICK - Hurry Up Mode --- $10
Condition: Good. Comes with cardboard cover which has some wear due to age. Disc and booklet is good condition. Also comes with extra singles booklet.
Zilch - 321 --- $15
Condition: Very good. Comes with plastic outer casing. Disc and booklet is great condition. Comes with fold up booklet and set of stickers.

X-Japan – The Last Live --- $30
Condition: Very good. Only watched a few times, if that.

Arena 37°C SPECIAL - The Gazette (Vol. 27; June 2006) --- $10
Condition: Good. Kept in plastic. Poster-can be included but is used and has tape on back.
Features: ONLY The Gazette.
SHOXX - Kagrra Cover (Vol. 169; 2007) --- $10
Condition: Good. Kept in plastic. No Poster.
Features: Kagrra, Nightmare, Alice Nine, The Gazette, MUCC, etc.
FOOL'S MATE I.S. - Kiyoharu Cover (No. 005; September 2009) --- $10
Condition: Good. Kept in plastic. Was not sold with poster.
Features: Kiyoharu, GACKT, MUCC, BUCK-TICK, Merry, etc.
FOOL'S MATE - Alice Nine Cover (#335; Sept. 2009) --- $10
Condition: Very good. Kept in plastic. Was not sold with poster.
Features: Alice Nine, Acid Black Cherry, Kiyoharu, Nightmare, cali≠gari, etc.

SPITZ - RECYCLE Greatest Hits of SPITZ --- $10
Condition: Very good. Obi included.
Tokyo Jihen - Education (Kyoiku) --- $10
Condition: Good. Some minor creases on booklet. No obi.
Anna Tsuchiya - Rose (Single) --- $5
Condition: Good. No Obi.
Morning Musume - SECOND MORNING --- $10
Condition: Very good. Comes in cardboard case with extra photo booklet. No Obi.
MiniMoni - Jankenpyon (Single) --- $3
Condition: Good. Few small scratched on case. Obi included.
Morning Musume - Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~ (Single) --- $5
Condition: Very Good. Obi included.
NOT PICTURED ABOVE: MiniMoni - Strawberry Pie (Single) --- $3
Condition: Good. Some case wear. Comes with sheet of stickers in great condition and Obi. Pictures available on request.
Both MiniMoni singles for $5 bought together.

Reincarnation (輪廻) --- $8.50
Part of "8 Films To Die For" collection. Japanese language with English and Spanish subtitles. Bonus features include: The Making of Reincarnation, Deleted Scenes with commentaries, Director interview, and Trailers.
Suicide Club (自殺サークル) --- $8.50
From the "Danger After Dark" Collection. Japanese language with English Subtitles. Features include: Image gallery, Trailers.
Buy both movies for $15

I am also selling literary books used in courses from the Japanese Language and Literature major at The University of Massachusetts Amherst if anyone is interested. Books range from critically acclaimed novels to Pop culture books, so anyone in need of these resources, please message me for more details. I promise to offer better prices than campus co-ops :)

Thanks for looking!
Current Location: United States, Connecticut
ai_no_itsuki: ルキーがぜっとai_no_itsuki on July 3rd, 2010 11:14 am (UTC)
Hello. I'm interested in the Gazette's Arena 37C Special. May i know how much is shipping to UK? The cheapest 1 will do :)
虜kanawanuyume on July 3rd, 2010 02:25 pm (UTC)
Hi! I am not sure how much it would be for regular first class mail because I don't have the exact weight right now. The international flat rate is $13.40, but if you don't mind waiting until Tuesday (as Monday is a holiday), I will go to the Post Office and see what the cheapest is.
ai_no_itsukiai_no_itsuki on July 3rd, 2010 02:44 pm (UTC)
Ok. no problem. will be waiting for your reply.

Thank you very much :)

虜kanawanuyume on July 3rd, 2010 02:50 pm (UTC)
Not a problem :)

International postage (even domestic postage, lately) is apparently a complete rip-off so I will do everything I can to get it down a bit.

Thanks for your patience, I will get back to you ASAP.

Just to check, did you want the poster included? Like I said in the description, it does have tape on one side, but it is in pretty good condition. I can send a pic if you like :)
ai_no_itsuki: hiroto - hahaai_no_itsuki on July 3rd, 2010 04:05 pm (UTC)
Yea. I heard from my friend bout the postage. The cheapest 1 possible.

Thank you. XD

Yes please!! Need a poster in the room now..hahaha..room is too plain facing 4 walls..

虜kanawanuyume on July 3rd, 2010 04:08 pm (UTC)
OK :)

I will message you with some picture links just in case you want to take a look :)