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Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

The much anticipated RPG for 2005 is nearing it's release. Yes, I'm talking about Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King.

This is an ultra-rare Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King game pamphlet produced by Brady Games. Keep note that this pamphlet cannot be found anywhere else online or in retail stores (believe me, I've searched).

This pamphlet contains:

  • Original Series Timeline in Japan
  • North American Versions Overview
  • Introduction to Game Characters
  • Special Attacks and Moves

    Includes -
    * Series information on all 26 Dragon Quest games, including gaming platform and release date
    * Game design concept summaries on the creator Yuji Horii and visual artist and creator of DBZ, Akira Toriyama.
    * Different screenshots of enviornments, characters, and battle modes

    The Only Defect To It -
    There's a small tear above the pamphlet that measures about less than 1 inch long. Other than that, it's in excellent condition.

    Remember --
    This isn't the official video game guide, but a special released preview pamphlet that Brady Games issued out witht a gaming magazine that is now out of print.

    And Because I'm Nice -
    Below is a link to get your own free Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King PS2 demo. Get them while supplies last! If you refer a friend you get a free Slime keychain! You have nothing to loose!


    This is definately a must have for any die hard Dragon Quest fan!

    Since this is a very rare item in the Dragon Quest world, I'm starting the bid for -

    $25.00 (including shipping)

    If in case there's more than one person who wants it, the item will go to the highest bidder.

    Auction will end on October 15th (this Sunday) 12 PM noon Central Time (Texas).

    [Edit]: Added new items to Random Junk - PS2 Games, Shonen Jump manga, .Hack\\TCG, Plush/Stuffed Animals. Remember, items go to the highest bidder so hurry!
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