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Wanted! - English Sailor Moon Manga!

Hey there!
I'm looking for some Sailor Moon Manga in English.
Basically I'm looking for any volumes except the first volume & Super S volume 3. I live in the UK but am willing to pay extra for shipping of course, and as far as I'm aware I know a couple of manga could be fit in a large global priority envelope for $9.00 :D

Anyway aside from living in the UK, I'm afraid the only way I could pay would be via well concealled cash [converted into america dollars of course!] sent registered mail, so if your okay with that, and you've got some Sailor Moon manga, leave me a comment! And if the price is right I'll certainly be interested! ^__^

Oh, and if anyone would prefer to contact me via email by email address is bubblegum.panic@gmail.com

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