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manga for sale or trade//DVDs for sale//Psycho le Cemu CDs for sale

payment & shipping terms for every item:

→I accept money orders or PayPal (no credit card payments!).
→shipping will be media mail for books, first class for DVDs/CDs.
  ↓I will ship out of the USA, please ask for a shipping quote.
→my eBay feedback is here.

I will trade for the following books, so long as they are in like new condition from a non-smoking home (just like mine).
Tramps Like Us Vol. 2+
Petshop Of Horrors Vol. 3+
Happy Mania Vol. 3-4, 6+

→otherwise, all books below are $6 each.
  ↓if you buy 3 books, any book you buy after that is $5.

Angel Sanctuary 1

[Banana Fish 1-7 are the first print Pulp/Viz books-- reading left to right, but a larger (more detailed) book size]
Banana Fish 1
Banana Fish 2
Banana Fish 3
Banana Fish 4
Banana Fish 6
Banana Fish 7
Banana Fish 8

Eagle 1
Eagle 3

Forbidden Dance 3
Forbidden Dance 4

Initial D 1
Initial D 2
Initial D 3

Marmalade Boy 7
Marmalade Boy 8

Mars 1
Mars 9

Nothing But Loving You

Popcorn Romance

X-Day 1
X-Day 2



Les Bijoux 2
Les Bijoux3
Les Bijoux 5

Musashi #9 1

One 1
One 2
One 4

Red River 1

Wild Act 2

I also have 2 DVDs for $8 each.
Black Heaven Vol 3 (has very few light marks, but plays flawlessly)
Black Heaven Vol 4 (absolutely no marks)


these Psycho le Cemu CDs are all in excellent condition, with absolutely no marks or scratches on the CDs. the CDs look brand new, and have been played less than 5 times. all CDs have the obi!

Risoukyou Ryokou Guide Disc: $12
Remembrance single: $15
A Trip To The Arcadia (2 CD set, comes in slipcase)(second press): $30
Doppelganger: $28

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