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Selling Stuff--Money for School, yaaay >_


Gackt Photobook; Evangelion, Sister Princess, and Masakazu Katsura Art Books; Sailor Moon Plushie, Hiragana Flashcards and

\\edit: Lowered some Prices

Ok guys. I have to get rid of some stuff, and raise some money (the glory of being a broke University student -_-), so here's some stuff you may or may not be interested in.

eva1 eva2


This is the rare Groundwork of Evangelion Volume 1, it's been Out of Print for a while now. I originally purchased this for $47.50US, as you can see from the price tag. It's 364 pages in length, and contains the original (and phenominal) b&w sketches from the movie, however the first several pages of the book are full color. I'm asking for $20.00, with $5.50 for shipping. ***SOLD***

4C 4C2


The Masakazu Katsura - 4C Illustrations artbook set is gorgeous. It's a 3 book (all hard cover) collection, which are fit into this clear plastic sleeve. The books are in perfect condition--As you can see, it still has it's obi. this kind person has written a detailed explanation of the book's contents. In short, it contains works from Katsura's famous series, such as Video Girl Ai, I"s, Shadow Lady, Wingman, etc. Again, this book is now Out of Print. I'm not even going to say how much I paid for this, because it was way too much (lol). I'm asking for $25.00, with $12.00 shipping because these 3 hard cover books are heavy, and shipping is actually more than that--but I don't mind paying the rest >D



This Sister Princess artbook was released a few years even before I anime came out. I haven't seen it anywhere else actually. I wasn't even a fan when I bought this--I was just blown away by the bright & beautiful CG images the book contained. The book is in perfect condition--obi and all. It is 96 pages in length, and packed with beautiful illustrations. There's also a pull-out poster at the front. I'm asking for $12.00 for the book, $4.75 for shipping.


Ahh..I know a bunch of you probably just scrolled down for this part right? ^_~ Yup, I'm selling a Gackt: Mizerable Unmei Photo Book on Ebay, starting at $9.99.

kana1 kana2

This is a really helpful work book to help you out with your Hiragana & Katakana. The book's in great condition--just a tiny bit of wear at the bottom right corner as you can see in the picture. It is 120 pages long. It has not been marked in. I'm asking for $5.00 for the book, and $3.75 for shipping. ***SOLD***

cards cards2

Ahh, how cute are these XD Hiragana flashcards. Each card has a picture of an object or event spelled out in Hiragana. On the back side of the card, it teaches you the correct stroke order in making the symbol. REALLY good practice--I loved these things. Imported from Japan--everything is in Japanese (better for learning). They're in great condition with just a little wear on the cases. Aksing for $4.50 a pack--shipping included. (both packs for $8.00--shipping included). ***SOLD***


I bought this Sailor Moon plushie a little over 4 years ago, which probably means she's quite hard to find now. She's made by Banpresto for Sailor Moon's 10th year anniversary (as it says on the tag). She's in perfect condition--no marks or anything--just a bit dusty from being stored away (poor girl ><). She measures 9" tall from boots to odangos ^-^ $8.00 for her, with $4.50 for shipping. ***SOLD***

Ok..I think that's it for now x_x Please help me out guys!

For now, I'm only taking Paypal for method of payment--but if you really want something, and don't have an account, send me a mail and I'll see what I can do ^-^: beyond_angelic@hotmail.com

Shipping prices are for Canada and the US. If you live outside these countries and are interested, send me a mail ^-^

Thanks so much for looking!
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