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More manga and anime :3

My ebay username is Kaworulover :) I am once again going through my collections and trying to find my books a good home! Right now I have comics and manga in English as well as Japanese up. I will be listing a lot more over the next couple days, including What's Michael, DVDs of His and Her Circumstances, Valkyrie Profile books, and anything else I can find :)

Also: I have a TON of phonebook style Japanese manga magazines such as Ribon, Nakayoshi, LaLa, Ace and a few others. They cover a large selection of years. I have some that cover Marmalade Boy, Cardcaptor Sakura, Clover, Red River...I don't even know all the different years and titles. If anyone thinks I should put these on ebay, please let me know. I love them dearly but with so many I just don't have room anymore ^^;
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