A Mighty Moose (track_04) wrote in garagesalejapan,
A Mighty Moose

It's all gotta go!

There are still a few cds I haven't sold yet, so I'm posting again! Everything from previous posts that has been paid for has been removed. ^^ Items that are struck through are currently on hold.

If you're interested in anything comment or email me at laser_brains(at)yahoo(dot)com. If you're emailing from a gmail address please leave a comment and let me know you sent the message, as I've been having some problems receiving emails from gmail accounts. ^^;

I haven't listed prices, so please shoot me a reasonable price and we can make a deal. Please be fair in your offers and I will as well.

Dir en Grey - Missa
Dir en Grey - Saku (single)
Dir en Grey - Ain't Afraid to Die (single)
Dir en Grey - Jessica (single)
La'cryma Christi - Lime Rain (rental cd/single)
La'cryma Christi - Dwellers of a Sandcastle
Domoto Tsuyoshi - Rosso e Azzurro
Domoto Tsuyoshi - [si:]
Domoto Tsuyoshi - Waver (limited edition press)
Oblivion Dust - Forever
Oblivion Dust - Looking for Elvis
Oblivion Dust - Radio Songs ~ Best of Oblivion Dust
TMR - Out of Orbit ~Triple ZERO~ (single)
TMR - The Force
D-Shade - True
Inoran - Won't Leave My Mind (maxi single)
Inoran - Fragment
Amuro Namie - Concentration 20
Amuro Namie - So Crazy (single)
Janne da Arc - Dolls
Dasein - Mabushikute (single)
Penicillin - Yojigen Diver (single)
Penicillin - Missing Link (rental cd)
Baroque - Nutty a Hermit (single)
Smap - Shingo mama no oha rock (single)
Every Little Thing - Grip! (single - rental cd)
Pierrot - Creatures (single - rental cd)
Pierrot - Finale (outer plastic cover slightly bent)
Machine - One-Zero-One (single)
Shinya - No Sticks
By-Sexual - Sexuality
Sophia - Alive
Gackt - Moon
My Little Lover - Evergreen
Nightmare - Believe (single)
Exile - Choo Choo Train (single)
Guniw Tools - VV Singles
Fukuyama Masaharu - M Collection (Outer paper case is scuffed)
Iceman - Power Scale
Glay - Pure Soul
Glay - Speed Pop

Rag Fair - Old Fashioned Love Song
Road of Major - Taisetsuna mono (single)
Sads - Sad Blood Rock n Roll
Sads - 13

Sads - Masquerade (single)
Sads - Sandy (single)
Kuroyume - Drug Treatment (Limited Edition)

MARS Vol 1-5 (English, cover on volume 1 slightly bent at edges)
Magic Knight Rayearth 2 vol 1 (Japanese)
Gensomaden Saiyuki vol 1, 5 (Japanese)
Detective Conan vol 10 (Japanese)
Hanazakari Kimitachi e vol 22 (Japanese)
Wingshot 2 (gundamwing DJ anthology, Japanese)

Princess Mononoke (VHS- raw japanese)
YuYu Hakusho/Ninku (DVD- English subbed/dubbed)
Vampire Hunter D (DVD)
Fake (DVD- English subbed/dubbed)
A Wind Named Amnesia (DVD- English subbed/dubbed)
Soul Hunter vol 3 (DVD- English subbed/dubbed)
Dragonball Z ~ The Tree of Might (DVD- Never Opened!)

Arena - Nov 2003 (w-inds on the cover, good condition)
H - vol 59, August 2004 (slight damage to bottm of cover and pages)
Shoxx - vol 136, June 2004 (Miyavi on cover, very slight damage to cover)

If anyone would like pictures feel free to ask. ^_^ Thanks!
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