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Gothic Lolita Clothes For Immediate Sale

I seriously need money to pay off bills and so I've decided to sell my cosplay clothes. It kills me but I need to eat. Keep in mind these are all stock photos. Hopefully tomorrow I'll borrow a friend's camera to take the actual pictures of the clothes and add more items.

Black Kodona Vintage Blazer
This is a vintage unisex 2 button black blazer, perfect for those Dir en grey cosplays or a Kodona style Lolita. It's 100% dacron polyester AND machine washable, which is good so you don't have to take it to the dry cleaners.

• Color: Black
• Lightweight
• Shell: 100% dacron polyester
• Machine washable

It's retail value is above $170 but since I'm pressed for money, I'll be selling it for A LOT less. Since I don't own a digital camera I found an image of what the blazer looks like. It looks just the same except the pockets aren't with flaps, just regular ones without flaps or buttons.

The size appears to be a medium/petite more fit for a small body frame (like I said Kodona style). If you're interested in it e-mail me at moonxchild@gmail.com and I can get you the measurements tonight (I have to look for the measurment tape).

Price: $80USD (including shipping)

Sheer Blue Scarf/Wrap
This is a blue scarf/wrap. It's sheer and very light, perfect to wear over an evening gown. The image below is what it looks like, except it doesn't have the fringe at the ends.

• Color: Blue
• Sheer
• Machine washable

Price: $10USD (including shipping)

White Lace Corset
This is a brand new lace corset, idea for Lolitas. It's 20% spandex and 80% nylon filimant AND machine washable. It's a 38C cup. This cost above $40 but going for dirt cheap.

• Color: White
• Front Closure Zipper
• Decorative Lace
• Silk ribbons
• Stetchable
• Machine washable

Price: $15USD (including shipping)

If you're interested in an item please let me know (even if it's just curiousity) and I'll get back to you on it ASAP.

I'll only be accepting PayPal for these items to make the transaction go faster since I need the money before Sunday. Both my e-mail and PayPal address are the same - moonxchild@gmail.com.

Tomorrow I'll be adding a corset, a couple of elegant shirts, and other fun EGL clothing pieces so make sure to check back!
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