Daniela (rockersxinxrags) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Hi everyone! A few people were showing their want list, so I thought I'd do the same ^^;;. I'm showing most wanted though; I have a lot of other things I want :D.

Naruto Volume 7 and 8
Bleach Volume 3 and 6 and up
One piece Vol. 1,3,6 and up
Chobits Vol. 4,5 & 6
Saint Seiya vol. 7 & 9 and up (trying to get this for my bf as a gift ^_^)

*Complete games please!! I'm pretty sure I'll make exceptions for older games*

Video Games:
Suikoden 1 or 2
Final Fantasy 8 & 9 or other titles
Chrono Cross/Chrono Trigger
Golden Sun: The Lost Age
Pokemon Games
Harvest Moon (GB, GBA, Gamecube, Super Nintendo)
Capcom vs SNK or Marvel (1 or 2), Guilty Gear, King of Fighters, Soul Calibur(Most fighting games. Game system doesn't really matter since I'll take ps2, gamecube, dreamcast)

****Just tell me all your video Games, doesn't matter the type it is except XBOX and PSP**** XD

Well, I am interested in a lot of games so if you have any video games you want to sell, tell me about them and I might be interested. Like I mentioned, I really want them complete and in good condition. No greatest hits please! Offer the lowest amount with shipping or you can trade for some of my stuff (only on the items that say trade next to them since a lot of it is my sister's. You can trade for the gameboy color or game gear I have). Thank you!! ^_^

*Forgot to mention, I'm also looking for a GAMEBOY ADVANCE SP for a cheap price. It would be koo if it was the new models (brighter screens) and complete with box/manual. I want it in good condition, but this is something I don't think people would offer.*
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