Creciableu (creciableu) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Hello ^ ^ I just have too much stuff for my tiny room to hold, so its time to thin things out!

I'm selling my X box set that only comes with the first 2 dvds. The dvds are in excelent condition and the box has a few wears on the edges. :) Im asking for $30 for the box +the 2 dvds. shipping to US is $8

Also would like to sell my japanese Angel sanctuary manga ^ ^ they are in good condition with a bit of wear on the edges of the book jackets. Im asking $6 each or $40 for them all if youd like. I have volumes : 3- 4 -5 -8 -12- 15 -19

Shipping is $4 for one book. + $1 for each book after :)
$8 for them all.
I accept Paypal or a money order please ^ ^

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Thank you!
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