Bonnie Garcia (asocialdevice) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Bonnie Garcia

I'm selling a limited edition best of ranma collection, it's three vhs's The best of boy-type ranma, the best of ryouga, and then Rumiko takahashi's favorites. It comes in little plasti carrying case, and comes witha letter of.. i geuss authenticity. It's one of 10,000 put out ont he market in 2001. It's in excellent condition, they've only been taken out of the case once!! Despite a little dust on the carrying case (had it up on my shelves for since 2001) it's emaculate.

I want 29 for it, that's just under $10 per vhs. The going rate for these is 40 dollars I'm in desperate need for the money right now so paypal only unless you can gaurantee me the cash by this coming Friday.

Shipping'll be 5.00 give or take, thats my estimate becuase I havent had this thing wieghed. I'll send priority unless otherwise told to do so.

I dont have the picture right now simply becuase i can't find my usb cord but I'll try and get it up by this afternoon!
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