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looking for stuff

hello everyone! (^^)

would any of you happen to have some of the following posters/items that i've listed. please follow the cut to see.

dir en grey, hyde, yaoi

Loveless promotional poster
im really interested in this loveless promotional poster. if anyone has it and is willing to sell it, i'll buy it off for a reasonable price! ><

if any of you have mucc or dir en grey (their latest image from now or at least two years ago) posters that you'd like to sell. post here and ill take a look at them.

im looking for this particular poster of Kyo. sorry i dont have a picture but its the poster where he's licking a sword. someone back then requested the same poster and now im requesting it. XDD. so if anyone has it and is willing to sell it, please post here.

also looking for a new set of these Loveless mini clear files

loveless mini clear files

im willing to pay using e-checks by Paypal or money order.
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