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the Red Threads Doujinshi Circle

Clearing out sale...

Naruto Set 1, $20
View all 13 Naruto sets here:

More hold-overs from my Anime Store's closing. I've grouped everything into sets, so please feel free to check them out. Everything's brand new except otherwise stated (i.e. the figurines section). Series included are: Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, Final Fantasy, Miscellaneous Anime Merchandise/ Figurines.

All sections here:
(navigation on the right)

Payment and shipping options here:

Final Fantasy figurines. Set 0f 15 figures for $30. View it here:

Dragonball set. Set of 6 figures for $15. View it here:

$30 for: 1 full set of FMA Trading Cards (36 cards), 5 FMA Keychains (Roy, Hughes, Riza, Edward, Alphonse), 1 FMA Necklace, 1 Plastic Keychain (Alphonse), 2 Cell Phone Accessory kits (Al and Ed set, Scar and Roy set; the tiny alchemy watch is included in both and it lights up when someone calls)

View the rest of the merchandise included in this set here:

$15 for all 5

and much more here:

Note: Items I'll consider trading for: Prince of Tennis Merchandise/Comics/Doujinshi. Any yaoi manga in English, but I'll consider Japanese doujinshi as well. Any j-pop cds.
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