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Community Posting Rules
Before you post, stop and see if you violate any of the following. If your post went poof and yo're not sure why, the answer is most likely here.
Aside from the official community rules posted here, we ask that you also read our courtesy reminder as well!

01. Advertisements in this community must be for selling/trading/buying of Asian Items.

Please do NOT spam us with advertisements for items that are NOT of Asian origin, or promos for other communities.
This rule also applies to comments in reply to a post. Please do not spam other people's posts with non-Asian goods / promotion of other communities unless specifically requested by the OP.

Items considered non-asian - Marvel/Disney, Punk (not everything Punk is Japanese), US Branded clothing, general electronics e.g. Cameras, phones not of Asian origin (i.e. they were produced for western market).

Here is the rule, nice and diced:
- As long as your item falls under ANY "allow" category, then it's allowed, even if part of the actual product is not allowed.
- I use Hello Kitty a lot. Hello Kitty is just for reference. I'm really referring to ANY Asian character/icon/symbol.
  • Western merchandise that looks "kawaii"/"punk"/"lolita" (for example: Hot Topic/Disney/Etc) is not considered Asian. NOT allowed. Just because something has lace, frills, or an oriental pattern does NOT make it Asian. UNLESS,
  • you're selling an American Merchandise with a blatantly obvious Japanese character/influence on it (for example: Hello Kitty, Kanji shirts)We'll allow it.
  • However, if it is a Western brand imported from an Asian country (for example: A shirt bought from Abercrombie & Fitch store in Japan): We'll allow it.
  • If you're selling an American designed and manufactured technology/product under a Japanese brand name (Casio, Yamaha, etc), it is not AsianNOT allowed. UNLESS,
  • you put a Hello Kitty sticker on that camera, and advertise the sale of the Hello Kitty sticker for $.10 with a camera to go along for an additional $300, fine. We'll allow it. (You'd look pretty derp for it, though)
  • Selling a game console by itself is NOT allowed. Unless,
  • you are selling Asian-games along with a console. We'll allow it. Any Sims version is NOT allowed.
  • Virtual items (equipment from games, items from games, in-game currency, and anything similar) are NOT allowed.
  • More will be added as we see fit.
Upon being warned, you have 24 hours to remove/refute mentioned item, or your post will be deleted. You are still obligated to abide by the 3 day rule.

Items that are not allowed are only forbidden from being mentioned in your GSJ selling post. If there's a link to a Hello Kitty watch being sold in your journal, that just so happens to have an American-brand watch for sale as well, that is fine as long as you do
NOT advertise the American-brand watch on GSJ.
However, links to pages with no Asian items at all are not allowed.
  • If you mention you also have things for sale on eBay/elsewhere, but nothing is Asian related. NOT allowed. UNLESS,
  • you have 1 Asian item out of 100 non-Asian items. Fine. We'll allow it. (Once again, pretty derp. You'd be a lot more professional if you just linked to that 1 Asian item. If they're curious, they'll look to see what other items you have.)

Bottom line: Advertisement of Asian-related items only. If it's not Asian-related, get it off GSJ. This includes both image and textual advertisements. Sellers: You also need to read Section 03 of the FAQ.

02. There is a one post every three days rule in place here. This means that you may not post more than once in every three days (72 hours).
  • There are NO exceptions to this rule. It does not matter if you are selling/wanting different things. It does not matter if one post is a "want" post and one post is a "sale" post. It is still one post every three days no matter what. Edit your previous post if you would like to add more items.
  • Deleting posts / altering posting dates is NOT a way to bypass this rule. All posts are logged, and therefore we will know if you have done so :)
  • All posts found breaking this rule will be deleted immediately and the member will have to wait a further 3 days to post again.

Bottom line: One post every three days. No exceptions, but's, if's, maybe's.

03. You may post
ONE picture outside of a lj-cut with a maximum dimensions of 500x500.
  • Please place all other pictures behind an lj-cut.
  • The images behind the lj-cut do not have a maximum height or width.
  • Any adult/explicit pictures (hentai, etc) MUST be placed behind an lj-cut. Additionally, please make sure to warn all readers that your post will contain adult/explicit pictures.

Bottom line: If your width is more than 500px, it needs to be resized.
If your height is more than 500px, it needs to be resized.
Do you have more than one picture outside of an LJ-cut? It needs to be fixed.

04. Do NOT post Bootlegged items. You also may not advertise your sales journal if you have bootlegged items for sale within.
  • WTB and WTT posts and replies to these posts must also be bootleg free! Bootlegs are NOT allowed. UNLESS,
  • you are giving away the bootlegs as freebies/free/free for grabs/just pay shipping. We'll allow it. (This does NOT include items FOR TRADE OR FOR $ TRADE VALUE).
  • A bootleg guide can be found here.

Bottom line: Advertisement of non-bootlegged items only. If it's not authentic, don't mention it, don't provide a link to it, don't make a fake LJ-cut to it, don't let us see it (on either your advertising page or your selling journal).

05. You MAY post eBay listings, website sales, auction sites, and personal sales. HOWEVER,
  • Do NOT advertise selling sites that are not your own.
  • You may NOT post an advertisement if you are promoting a site in order to get commission (i.e. if you are posting a referral link).
  • You MAY post advertisements giving away your Asian-related items free of charge in return for proof of donation (such as a screenshot with a timestamp), we will allow it. The NGO is up to you; we will not restrict it to Asian-only NGOs.
  • You may NOT advertise that profits from the sale of your items will be donated for a certain cause. This is to maximizes the common goal of both parties in helping raise funds for a cause without the possible reduction in donation amount due to currency exchange fees, PayPal fees, and other transfer fees.

06. You MAY NOT delete your post, comments or other's comments within the community.
These comments/posts are a record of your transaction and should be left intact.
  • If you are deleting/purging your account and/or moving to a new one, You may NOT choose the "delete all of your comments/entries in other communities" option.
  • This rule is applies to all members under all situations. Only moderators are allowed to delete posts/comments where the situation calls for it.

07. GSJ supports donations and non-profit organizations, so if you advertise giving away your Asian-related items in return for proof of donation (such as a screenshot), we will allow it.

  • The NGO is up to you; we will not restrict it to Asian-only NGOs.
  • However, advertising that profits from the sale of your items will be donated for a certain cause is NOT allowed.
  • This maximizes the common goal of both parties in helping raise funds for a cause, without the possible reduction in donation amount due to currency exchange fees, PayPal fees, and other transfer fees.

Lost posting rights? Highlight and copy --> GSJ Rules<--

Your post may be deleted if any of the above rules are broken.
If you violate any of the GSJ rules and you have BOTH comments for your post and your PM disabled, your post will be deleted immediately. The 3 day rule still applies!

If in doubt, please ask a moderator before posting/deleting anything. DO NOT ASSUME.

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