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My dolling habit has gotten out of hand. Please buy my things. XD Make an offer. ALL reasonably reasonable offers will be accepted... I really just want to get rid of this stuff.

Faerie's Landing vol 1 and 2
Dolls vol 1 (GothLoli art, very cute!)
Under the Glass Moon vol 1
.Hack Legend of the Twilight vol 1
Hot Gimmick vol 3
Tokyo Boys and Girls vol 1 (If you like Hot Gimmick, it's by the same mangaka!)
Paradise Kiss vol 1 and 5 (original purple covers)
Magic Knight Rayearth vol 1
Fushigi Yuugi vol 1

Random books:
Howl's Moving Castle (book the movie was based on!)
Japanese-English/English-Japanese dictionary (all romaji, so it's perfect for a beginner!)

Boogiepop Phantom vol 1

More to come, stay tuned!

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