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Anime/Manga Cleanout Sale!

I have ALOT of manga and some other anime-related goods up for sale, as well as CDs. Just don't read em anymore, and they're taking up too much space. Sorry no trades, unless you possibly wanna trade me a Pullip doll, LOL. Please look, thanks!!

NOTE: I ACCEPT PAYPAL ONLY! Shipping is anywhere from $2-$5 depending on how much you buy. I'm willing to accept reasonable offers as well, as I just want to get rid of them. All items are in GREAT condition, most only read once and put onto my bookshelf. If you would like a picture please ask, I didn't include pictures because my batteries are low, and since there is so much stuff it'd take too long for them all...LOL Please also note that I do not drive, so I cannot make it to the post office very easily. So I will hold the items till I am ready to be paid so I can send the following days after. I will ship internationally, but shipping will be more. Thanks for looking!!

Translated Manga

-Hot Gimmick Vol.2 $3
-Gamerz Heaven Vol.1 $4
-Suki Vols. 1-2 $7 SET/$4 ea.
-Gunsmith Cats Misty's Run, Bad Trip (bigger novels) $6 ea.
-X/1999 Vols. 1-4, 9 (bigger novels) $4 ea.
-El-Hazard Vol.1 $3 (bigger novel)
-Ranma 1/2 Vol. 2 $4 (bigger novel)
-Kill Me Kiss Me Vol.1 $4
-Negima Vol. 1-2 $8 SET/$5 ea.
-Maico 2010 Vol. 1-4 $15 SET
-X-Day Vol. 1-2 $8 SET/$5 ea. HOLD
-Gundam Wing:Blind Target (bigger novel) $6 SOLD

Manga in Japanese

-Diabolo Vol. 1 $2
-XXXHolic Vol. 1 $7
-Gravitation Vol.6 $4
-World End Fairytale Vol. 1 $6
-Anime Comic Slayers Next Vol.4 $5
-Anime Comic Slayers Vol.4-6 $5 ea.
-2001 Vol. 281 Koro Koro Comics

Other Anime/Manga Books

-Weiss Kreuz movie book-Verbrachen & Strafe $10 (in Japanese)
-Anime Reference Guide Vol. 4 #1 $5 (anime synopsis guide...kinda weird)
-Megazone 23-Graffiti (in Japanese/guidebook to the series)
-Saiyuki doujinshi (SanzoxGoku pairing, cute artwork, will throw in Sanzo stickers from the anime) $20 OBO

Anime/J-pop CDs
All are NOT bootlegs unless stated

-move-Synergy $10
-Anime Toonz presents Kikuko Inoue $6
-Key the Metal Idol - Original BGM Soundtrack $6
-Key the Metal Idol - Vocal Data Disk $12
-SMAP-SMAP 001 (their debut album) $8
-V6 - Very Best (2-disc set) $15
-feel/go dream Yuna & Tidus single $8
-Utada Hikaru - Distance $10 SOLD
-Malice Mizer (black cover with hands holding roses...not sure what the name of the single is) $6
-Langrisser VI soundtrack (bootleg) $5
-Sakura Wars 2 (bootleg) $6

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