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So I might be moving in the next few months. I have a lot of stuff, most of which I don't want enough to lug on what may be a cross country trip. Also, I need the money a helluva lot more than I need any of these magazines/posters/movies/etc.

I use paypal - - or you can send me a money order. I'll email the address to anyone paying that way. If you're in the Seattle area, cash exchange is acceptable and will eliminate the need for shipping fees.

With some of this stuff, I'm flexible on the price, so if you see something you really want and you can make me a decent offer, I'll consider it.

Browse here in my journal.

note: do not email my paypal's email address. I don't check it often and I get so much spam mail there, that the spam filter is set to catch almost everything. For more information on anything, or for other questions, comment to the sales post, please.

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