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As a heads up.

No trades at the moment.
Paypal only.
Payments in USD for convenience sake.
Shipping from Canada.
Customer is responsible for shipping costs.
Not responsible if lost/damaged in transit.
Feedback here.

Some of the items I have for sale are
Sailor Moon SuperS Manga
Tokidoki Figures
Sgt. Frog Figures
Final Fantasy X PS2 Game
And more!

I will be adding more in the coming future, please keep checking my ad!

Description for Conditions of Items:
Mint - No cosmetic defects
Good - Slight cosmetic defects
Ok - Obvious cosmetic defects


Yatta! CD - Single: Disc is mint, case is ok.


Tokidoki - Moofia: Figure is mint, box is mint, complete.

Tokidoki - Leche: Figure is mint, box is ok, flattened.
Tokidoki - Low Fat: Figure is mint, box is ok, flattened.

Revoltech - Toro: Figure is mint, box is mint.

Revoltech - Suzuki: Figure is ok, missing book he can hold, hand to hold book is dinged up, box is mint.

$5 Each
Sgt. Frog Figure - Kululu, Tamama, Dororo: Figures are mint, boxes are mint.


Final Fantasy X - PS2: Disc is mint, case is mint.

Yggdra Union - GBA: Cartridge is mint, box is good.


The One I love: Book is mint.

$10 Each
Sailor Moon SuperS - 1, 2, 4: Books are in ok condition.


Cardzillion Series/Set 2
53, 68, 75, 76, 79, 80

Cardzillion Series/Set 3
89(OK Condition), 121

Regular Cards - $.50
Foil Card -

If you have any questions/more photo requests, please let me know.

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