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More Stuff >P

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Hi guys! I've got more stuff that has to go, including Chobits gashapon figures, Japanese loose socks, name brand clothing, and

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Now on Ebay, Buy it Now for $28.50 here ^-^ ***SOLD***

These are authentic loose socks that I bought myself in Harajuku, Japan in July! Because they are from Japan, they are of very high quality, and made of a thick knit-like material. These babies are 49 INCHES in length, or 120cm! They are brand new and have never been worn (I already have my own pair XD). I sold the other pair I brought back, but these are my last pair. I'm asking for $35 shipping included (these things are big and BULKY x_x).

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Ok, I cannot express how extremely rare these are. These are figures from the Chobits Gashapon 1 Collection from K&M Kaiyodo. They were released in 2002, even before the Chobits anime was aired. It is impossible to find these now--I've only ever seen them in Ebay stores for $100 for the set--or $33 for separate figures.(here I honestly do not want to part with these..they have been favorites in my collection for a few years now, but I really need to raise money for school..
They are all in mint condition--they were on display on my shelf for; never toyed with. Each figure will come with its original pamplet as well.
I'm asking for $12 each, $4.25 shipping. If you want it to be shipped in the capsule--shipping will be a bit more.

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Sumomo ***SOLD***

2.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Chii w/ Panties

3.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Chii w/ Beer Cans

4.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Chii in Bath ***SOLD***

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This in an Aaron Chang Bikini top I bought 2 years ago. I have never worn it, as it's a bit too small for me, so it's been stashed in my closet. Aaron Chang suits are known for their beautiful vivid patterns, and high quality. It's a size small (you can check out the Aaron Chang size chart here)I paid almost $50 with tax for the top--and am selling it for $8.00 with $3.00 for shipping. ***HOLD***

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Ohh I love this--but I never wear skirts, so I may as well sell it T_T This is a brand new, never worn black pleated wrap skirt, with two button closures on the side. It has sharp knife pleats all around the skirt, and was bought from Garage last year. Great for cosplay, it's a size 5--and I measured the waist (it's suppose to be worn lower on the hips) at 15.5" lying flat. Paid $35, asking for $9.00, shipping at 4.75. ***HOLD***

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I've worn this top only a few times--and it's in excellent condition--no stains, fading, or anyting. It was purchased at Old Navy, and it a Girl's size 12 (fits like a women's baby T would). It has an adorable real-life kitty picture on the front, with a flower made of rhinestones. Asking $8--shipping included.

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See above XD Same condition & price--just with a puppy this time!

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I LOVE this top so much--but it's too small for a tall girl like me T_T I bought it in Shibuya, Tokyo in July, and was too lazy to try it on, and just bought it anyway x_x It's brand new--I've never worn it because it comes up too short in the waist (I'm 5"10 :P). It says it's a Medium--BUT this is Japan sizes--so I'd bump that to a Small for U.S sizing. The top part ties at the chest with lace, and is really stretchy. Sooo pretty. I'm asking for $8.50 $4.00 for shipping. ***SOLD***

I prefer Paypal--and shipping prices are for the U.S, and Canada. Thanks for looking! ^o^
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