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WTB/WTS: Hetalia

Hi! I'm currently looking to buy some items from the series Hetalia Axis Powers/World Series. Ideally I'd like to keep prices close to their original price but I'm willing to negotiate the bolded items as those are highly wanted for my collection. I'm also selling/willing to trade some official Hetalia Italy items. I'll be shipping from Sanford, FL and I'll ship internationally. All items are used but most have never been taken out of their packaging. The figures have been displayed and included their box and packaging. I do not charge paypal fees and I will invoice you so comments are screened. Please give me 2-3 days to ship and I'll contact you when I do. Also, prices do not include shipping so please leave a zip code/country when you inquire. I do holds and will notify you when an item has shipped.

You can make offers especially if you buy multiple items. I also will accept trades/partial trades (we agree to ship on same day) ONLY for certain items I'm looking for. :) Click on the item name for image(s).

Italy (N. & S.) Character CD (regular edition - NO CARD)2 $20 on hold for riyuyami (expires 1-2 months)
Italy Coin Figure $12
Romano Coin Figure $12 sold to nice_banana
Italy Poster - Artist (non-metalic) 2 $14
Italy Pin $10 traded with maya_chu
Italy Brother Card $2
Italy Keychain - Mascot with Flag $6
Italy Orange Highlighter/Marker $5

Want list*:
England's Tea cup and saucer set
America Independence Day charm + coaster
France Independence Day charm + coaster

Coin charms: England, France, America
Various stickers/posters/etc featuring America. England, France. or Canada
France and Canada Brother cards
Japanese Hetalia Manga 1-3 - special editions would be nice but regular are cool too!
France character CD
France Movic plush

Odd items (foods/drinks/chopsticks) featuring France, America, England, Canada
Mini Alarm clocks: England, America
Friends season boxsets - really interested for partial trades on these. I prefer they have all the packaging too.

I know many of these are long shots but even if somebody would be willing to do a partial trade for these items that'd be awesome.

*bold are high priority and most likely to get a trade agreement.

Thanks for looking!

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