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Megami Magazine / Nyan Type / Dengeki Hime POSTER LOT!!

♥ Dress up your walls with the super-moe gals of Megami, Nyan Type, and Dengeki Hime! ♥

Hey all!

Before going to e-bay/selling individually/whatever I'm hoping to sell off this lot of bishoujo posters in bulk- to save on the hassle/shipping/etc!

SO, here's your chance for a bulk of lovely recently-issued posters out of Megami, Nyan Type and Dengeki Hime for only $30 SHIPPED (or best offer!) inside the USA!

The posters (fronts and backs photographed/uploaded in the best order I could manage) are all shown HERE: http://s936.photobucket.com/albums/ad204/cheshireposters/

SERIES INCLUDED: Kiss x Sis, Seikon no Quasar, Highschool of The Dead, Baka to Test, Sora no Otoshimono and much, much MORE!! ♥

I take paypal only at this time, and can only sell/ship inside the US. (Sorry!)

Please drop me a note on this entry if you are interested! :3

Thank you!
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