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22 July 2010 @ 11:07 pm
WTB FF7 RenoXRufus Doujinshis!  
Hello all! I am still looking for the following FF7/Final Fantasy 7 doujinshis:

In Search of You 2 & 3 (Minami Megumu; Radical X)

RRR: Reno x Rufus Anthology (Shanghai Logic)

As all three of these are considered rare as they are all out of print to my knowledge, I am willing to pay quite handsomely should anyone be able to find me a copy! I have PayPal and hope very much to hear from you!

(I'm also generally interested in any Reno/Rufus doujis that are out there, especially any others produced by Shanghai Logic. If you have one I might be interested in, drop me a line! Chances are if I don't have it, I'll buy it!)