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17 October 2005 @ 11:33 pm
Refreshed doujinshi list yet again. Information format is listed like this

djka/ circle. "title." publication date. size. pages. genre; pairing (if 1-3, otherwise unlisted). rating (IMO).

::: Black Matrix

price: $12
Zen Shinjou (Radical God), Razu Ashizawa (Digital QP)
/ Taiyousyuppan. “Mephistopheles.” 5/30/1999. B5. 36p. BL, n/a. PG13.
condition: secondhand; very good, except there's a price sticker stuck to the cover (bought that way?;;)
notes: This was a birthday gift from a good friend, which is why the price is still a bit higher... (plus most of the art in it is actually very nice :D). I also have no idea what series this is from. ::finally registers that Black/Matrix is probably the pairing::

::: detective conan

price: $9
Oxy-gen. “Hit my Soul.” 1/28/2001. B5. 36p. BL; Kaito/Shinichi. PG13.
condition: secondhand; very good, but has some faint smudges

price: $7
Ousama Lunch, Kino Kono Oukoku. “Trash 2.” 2/15/1998. B5. 64p. BL; OC (boss)/Gin, Heiji/Shinichi. NC17.
condition: secondhand; very good
notes: 20 pages novel. Has hard yaoi scenes. The manga portions are serious and much abuse, angst, dark content is enclosed. Gin comes back from a job and goes alone to report to his boss in his room. The boss cuts him off and orders him to strip... Shinichi, teen form, runs to a phone booth on a rainy day to call Ran. However, in the middle of his call, Heiji, having stalked him down, corners him in the booth, and...

::: escaflowne

price: $10
Natsuo Kume/ Nattsu. “Hane no Namae.” 8/3/1996. B5. 40p. BL, Allen/Van. PG.
condition: secondhand; very good

price: $17
Ketsuka Minasawa/ Real Fiction. "Gesshoku Mori." 12/28/1997. B5. 60p. General, Van/Hitomi. PG13.
condition: secondhand; excellent

::: final fantasy 7

price: $25
Various. “Loveless." 8/14/1998. B5. 132p. General & BL. PG15.
condition: secondhand; very good

price: $10
Kuchibiru kara Sandanjyuu. “Muyami no Yoi.” 6/29/1997. B5. 48p. BL, Valentine/Strife. PG13.
condition: secondhand; excellent

::: flame of recca

price: $15
Uehana Kazu. “Boys' Suite.” 12/28/1997. B5. 48p. BL; Mikagami/Recca. R.
condition: secondhand; excellent except the upper right corner on the back has a slight bent

price: $3
Hoshidukiyo. “Sleepin’ doll.” 3/22/1998. A5. 20p. BL; Recca/Mikagami. NC17.
condition: secondhand; good
notes: This is a copy book (and it really just looks like someone stapled a bunch of papers together;;).

::: fullmetal alchemist

price: $7
Ranko Iino. “Enzai.” 3/21/2004. B5. 24p. BL; original/Roy, Hughes/Roy. R.
condition: secondhand; very good except it has a few small faint indents on the front cover
notes: Art's mediocre, but the story's fairly sweet. ^-^ Hughes takes care of Roy after he's abused by a group of guys and watches out for him.

price: $10
Bonsai Bon Bon, Fuji Terebi. “Daitanfuteki.” 9/26/04. B5. 72p. General. PG13.
condition: secondhand; very good
notes: Gag book.

price: $10
Fuku-zin. “Bloodstone.” n/a. B5. 41p. General. PG13.
condition: secondhand; very good, but corners a bit bit
notes: Shiny silver cover.

::: gundam wing

price: $8
Tsukise In/ Saru Oukoku. “Tsuki ni Tsumoru Yuki.” 11/3/1995. B5. 30p. BL; Duo/Hiiro. PG. condition: secondhand; very good. I haven't removed it from the bag since I got it.

::: initial d

price: $10
Jet Monster. “Side Show.” 5/2/99. B5. 48p. BL; Ryosuke/Keisuke. PG13.
condition: secondhand; very good
notes: Red Suns centric. Includes a gag story and a serious story. The serious story takes place between Keisuke's defeat in his race with Takumi and when he shows up in the middle of the street to make Takumi stop during his early morning delivery and talk to him.


::: naruto

price: $10
Naruto Ring. “+A.” 8/11/2001. B5. 48p. BL; uke!Asuma. PG15.
condition: secondhand; very good
notes: Everyone's like after Asuma in this dj. Everyone. Kakashi, Iruka, Gai, interrogator-guy (Morii?)...

price: $15
Taira Ichitaka/ Yukikagedou. “original sin.” 8/11/2001. B5. 56p. BL; Asuma/Kakashi; Kurenai/Asuma.
condition: secondhand; excellent
notes: Looks like an epic story.

::: one piece

price: $7
Maruko/ Fire Virgin. “Egoist.” 12/2001. B5. 48p. BL; Smoker/Ace. NC17.
condition: secondhand; excellent, except there's a scratch on the front cover;;
notes: 12p novel.

::: original

price: $3
Ooya Kazumi. “Boy.” 12/27/1986. A5. 200p. BL, n/a. PG13.
condition: secondhand; very good
notes: I guess this is actually more like a manga...

::: prince of tennis

price: $5
Shinichi Fuji/ Private Label. “Kawaii & Yukaina Ohanashi.” 8/15/2003. B5. 24p. BL, Momoshiro/Echizen. PG.
condition: secondhand; excellent except significantly bent through roughly 7 mm in the lower corner
notes: Gag book.

price: $15
Radical X. “Ano Ko ga Hoshii.” 12/28/03. B5. 46p. BL; Fuji/Tezuka. NC17.
condition: secondhand; very good
notes: Has very hard, non-consensual yaoi scenes. Contains gratuitous Tezuka torture. Fuji does something to Tezuka's legs and imprisons him at his house to have his way with him.

::: rurouni kenshin

price: $12
Eiriasu Nankaya. “Sanosa.” 2/19/1995. A4. 34p. General. R.
condition: secondhand; very good


price: $4
Shimizutani Doumei. “Joy.” 5/3/1995. B5. 28p. BL, Hanamichi/Rukawa. PG.
condition: secondhand; excellent condition except there is a 8mm scratch on the front cover.

price: $4
Southern Cross Tokyo. “Koisuru Wakusei.” 12/28/1996. B5. 78p. BL, Sendoh/Rukawa/Hanamichi. NC17.
condition: secondhand; good condition except bottom of front cover is peeling up a bit. Cover edges are scruffed.
notes: 28 pages are novel.

::: weib kreuz

price: $10
Kei Takigawa/ Tokyo ROX. “Aoi Jiyuu. Shiroi Nozomi.” 5/4/1998. B5. 40p. BL; Aya/Ken, Yohji/Ken. PG13.
condition: secondhand; very good
notes: The plot for this dj isn't really about the members of WeiB, it's centered on the voice actors. ^-^ Main character is Ken.


Please keep in mind my assessment of the condition is subject to my opinion. ^^;

If anyone's interested in anything, please email me at rulethegame@gmail.com and/or comment here. I'm located in CA, USA.

Shipping is through Priority or Media Mail [Priority Mail, 1-2 doujishi: $4, 3 doujinshi $5.75; Media Mail, up to 6 doujinshi: $2]. PM takes 2-5 days; MM takes 2-10 days. I can ship internationally only if your country accepts Global Priority Mail.

Please pay through Paypal* or USPS money order.

*I accept Paypal, but I will accept credit/debit card via Paypal only if you agree to pay 5% of the grand total in addition to the grand total. This extra charge is because Paypal charges a fee to accept Credit/Debit payments. If you do plan to pay through Debit/Credit card, please email me first for instruction! Sorry about the inconvenience! ^^;

Costs are in USD and the grand total is the doujinshi price, shipping from me to you, and any extra postal service you request (such as insurance, registered mail, etc) only.

All sales are final, which means no refunds or returns. I do not have any responsibility over lost items, sorry.;;;

Thanks for your time. =) Please feel free to ask if you have any questions. ^^
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redthreadcircle on October 18th, 2005 12:17 pm (UTC)
I'm interested in the Fuji/Tezuka. (Willing to pay via money order; do you take Western Union money orders, though?)

Also, how much would the Global Priority Mailing be for Manila, Philippines. Thank you. :)
tdeitdei on October 19th, 2005 12:39 am (UTC)
=) Glad you're interested! ^^; Sorry, but I don't see anything I want on your journal, I think. I mostly do manga, doujinshi... ^-^;

Uhhh, I only am sure on how to deal with USPS International Money Order (It's pink; the top looks like this: http://www2s.biglobe.ne.jp/~tirasi/ipmo.jpg). So, I'd prefer to take only that, because I'm really afraid I'll have no idea how to handle any other kind. ^^;;; Paypal is also fine. :O

GPM would be $9. ^-^ Please let me know if you're still interested or not. ^.^ Thanks!
redthreadcircle on October 19th, 2005 04:36 am (UTC)
*nods* All right, let me run to the PO to check if I can get it, then I'll get back to you tonight. I'll let you know if it's yay or nay, not to worry. ;)
(Deleted comment)
tdeitdei on October 19th, 2005 10:21 pm (UTC)
^^; Pity. =) Thanks for letting me know. ^^
Reinasunkyung on October 18th, 2005 01:00 pm (UTC)
The (unknown) one is Black Matrix doujinshi. ^_^
tdeitdei on October 18th, 2005 11:38 pm (UTC)
:D! Omg, thanks! ^-^ (I was like: Damnit, after all this time, what I thought was the series is the pairing! ::/ finally registered::)