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Another sale!

I've got to clean out my room and have high hopes that someone here would take these items off my hands. I have photos and prices up, but everything is up for offers. Make me deal, talk to me! Let's work something out. At the moment I only accept paypal and buyers within the US, PLEASE! I'm willing to trade for Green Day items. (Cds, posters, magazine clips.) Or Bride of Deimos Vol 1, Sensual Phrase Vol 6 and up. And Ranma 1/2 Season 1 English DVDs.Willing to lower prices or work something out for livejournal layout/website layout. Comment if interested and I'll get back to you, ASAP!

Jpop/Johnny's/Idols Magazine Each magazine is 3.00. Everything is solid in those magazines, I didn't pull out any pages, posters or extras. All magazines are like new.

MANGA and Domoto Tsuyoshi
Manga sets all ENGLISH verisons.
Kill me, Kiss Me Vol 1-3 10.00
Kodomo No Omocha - Vol 1,2, 5, 6, 7 - 20.00
Hot Gimmick Vol 6 - 4.00
Yami no Matsui Vol 1 - 4.00
Prince of Tennis Vol 1-7 - 30.00
Naruto Vol 1-6 - 25.00
Angel Sancutary Vol 1-5 20.00
Confidental Confessions Vol 1,2,4,6 - 20.00
Asumanga DVD Vol 1 w/box 12.00
Domoto Tsuyoshi Calendar 2005-2006 comes with original box and nailpolish. 25.00
Domoto Tsuyoshi DVD 2nd live. (All region) 6.00
BoA 8 flims - VCD - 5.00

Hello Project Photobooks!
Ayaka's 1st PB with limited pencil board. Hardbound book. With pullout poster. 20.00
Miki Fujimoto's Alo-Hello. Softbound. Comes with original wrap-around. 20.00
Morning Musume - Do it now! PB 10.00
Kei Yasuda's Fanmade Graduation photo magazine. Unoffical. Name your price.

POT cosplay
Prince of Tennis - Fudomine Outfit. Back of the jacket and shirt in this photo.
POT Cosplay 2
Front of the outfit, shirt, jacket and pants. Size XL. 5'6 person.

Naruto/Kakashi Cosplay
Bad photo, sorry. Of the pants, shirt and vest. The pants and shirt is dark navy blue and pure strenchy material. The vest and shirt have the red ninja mark on back for the vest and on the sides of the arm for the shirt.
Here's a slightly better photo ^^;; Same size as the POT stuff.

Seigaku Jacket the backside of the jacket.

None of the cosplay items have prices. Work me with and name something.

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