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One Day Sale - Everything MUST Go!

Everything is on a first come first serve basis so get to it before it's gone!

* Now with pictures *

Finally I've added pictures in so you know what the items look like. I would really love to get rid of these items ASAP so please consider buying! Here are a couple of house rules -

• Sale will end today at 9PM Central time (-06:00)
• MUST be willing to pay immediately after selling ends or sooner
• MUST pay using PayPal (so I can ship out your item on Tuesday)
• E-mail + PayPal address - moonxchild@gmail.com

Now, onto the selling. All of these items are marked down drastically. Serious buyers only please. And excuse my terrible images. I'm not versatile with cameras. ><


Sheer Spiderweb Top

This is a sheer spiderweb top, perfect for to go over those gothic dresses/outfits of yours. I would keep it, but it no longer fits so hopefully someone can put it to use.
• Color: Black
• Sheer
• Machine washable
• Lightweight
• Size - Medium in Juniors

Price: $7USD (including shipping)

Black Gothic Silk Sheer Shirt
This is a gothic sheer black long sleeve top that would go great over a sexy gothic lolita outfit. A bell sleeve shirt that was never worn just tried on once. It has a button loop closure (5 small black buttons in the middle) and is a size L in juniors. Brand new never been worn. The original price of this shirt was $59 so you get a good deal!

• Color: Black
• Button Loop Closure
• Silky smooth
• Stetchable
• Machine washable
• Size - Large in Juniors

Price - $20 (including shipping)

Black Long Sleeve V-Neck Sweater Shirt
This is a brand new black knitted long sleeve sweater shirt perfect for those cold winters. Only wore once and in excellent condition. Size is L in juniors.
• Color: Black
• Very soft knitted fabric
• Stetchable
• Machine washable
• Size - Large in Juniors

Price - $15 (including shipping)

Misc. Items
All these items are in good-excellent condition. I really like to take care of my things, so there's hardly if none any wears, wrinkles, or tears on any of these books. The shirts are all brand new and were bought during a back to school session for my little brother, but never wore them. As for the measurements, they're all L in boys. The books are all hardcover and are VERY well taken care of. Click on the name to see a picture of the items.

Yu-Gi-Oh Shirt #1
Yu-Gi-Oh Shirt #2
Yu-Gi-Oh Shirt #3
Yu-Gi-Oh Shirt #4
DBZ Shirt #1
Anime Girl w/bag Tank Top [Size - Small]
.Hack\\Enemy Trading Card Game [KITE Starter Deck]
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets DVD
Backstreet Boys For the Fans vHS
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone VHS
The Way of Wizards by Tom Cross (hardcover)
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - by J.K Rowling (hardcover)
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - by J.K Rowling (hardcover)
Shonen Jump - September 2003/Vol. 1/Issue 9
D.N.Angel Manga Volume #7
Salt Lake 2002 Souvenir Stickers
Butterfly Stationary Pages
Grand Theft Auto Double Pak Video Games
Special Brady Games Dragon Quest 8 Pamphlet
How To Draw Manga by Katy Coope

Price (including shipping)
BSB VHS = $2
Butterfly Stationary Pages = $1
Grand Theft Auto Double Pak = $10
Dragon Quest 8 Pamphlet = $7
Manga/Shonen Jump = $5
Everything else = $8 each

All of these items come from a smoke-free/non pet enviornment.

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