lucifersmurder (lucifersmurder) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Action figures and key chains for sale!

  I would really like to trade, but If you see one you like make a offer and I'll work with you on it! If you need more pictures of anything post a link and I'll get them up right away ^^. These have just been sitting for two long, I dont know what a few of them are even from!

Key chains

Ranma Girly form with p-chan

Lupan the third with stalker

Cutie hunny?


Action figures

Patlabor figures 1 black and two different white (the black one is awesome)

Gohan from dbz ( cell saga)


Two SD gundam figures (the same)


Sailor moon

on hold


Astroboys gf?


Vixin figure (dont mind the ugly finger, not sold in this set lol)


School girl?


Pretty cure? cutey honey? missing arm.


Every one standing with meru meru figure, makes sound and is motion activated. from pokemon.


  All have their stands that came with one, If you have any questions feel free to ask!


   -Lucifers murder

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