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Looking for DVDs ^_^;


I’ve been looking for these DVDs for quite some time now but haven’t been able to find them anywhere, so I thought I’d try posting here to see if anyone had any that they’d be willing to sell me^^;

Below are the specific ones I’m looking for:

*Region 1 – NightWalker Vol.2 : Eternal Darkness
U.S.Manga Corps

*Region 1 – Mirage of blaze Vol.4 : Tragic Love
Anime Works

*Region 1 – Serial Experiments Lain Vol.1 : Navi
Geneon Pioneer Signature Series (red label across the top of the cover)

*Region 1 – Kizuna: Vol.1 + 2
Central Park Media
OR *Region 1 – Kizuna: Much Ado About Nothing
Kitty Media

*Import - Weiss Kreuz OVA: Verbrechen~Strafe

*Region 1 or import – Saiyuki OVA: Requiem

*Import – Saiyuki: Interactive (sequel to Requiem)

If anyone has any of these that they’d like to get rid of/are willing to sell me, please comment, I’d REALLY appreciate it ;o;

Thanks! <3

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