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DS: Lucky star figures/ FF Figure (Tidus) / Ah My Goddess/ Hello KItty Bags!

Paypal only! Buyer pays the extra fee unless it is sent as a *personal* payment.
First come first serve. Item goes to whoever can pay first
All items come from a smoke free and pet free environment
 Shipping is listed underneath the items price, if not listed then shipping is included in the price. **International Shipping**  Please enquire in a comment where you are located so a shipping price can be quoted :3
I am not responsible for lost or damaged items once it is out of my hands and in the post office.
Feedback can be found here

Lucky Star Figures:

Theyre much cuter in person! And each figure comes with their own stand:

Each figure will be 6$ each shipped!

For the set: 25$ shipped!

Tidus (Display version without sword or box)

Price: 15$ USD Shipped

Unknown cute anime girl

Price: 3$ USD Shipped

Skuld and her Robot - Ah! My Goddess

Price: 5$ USD Shipped

Hello Kitty Alice Handbag

Very cute and stylish hand bag! 

Width: 12 inches
Height: 7 inches

Price: 25$
Shipping: $6

Ribbon Bag

Condition: Like New

Price: 15$
Shipping: 6$

Jean Tote


Attached is a cellphone holder ^^

Condition: Like New

Price: 15$
Shipping: 6$

HK Pink Pouchette

length of strap 

Condition: Like New

Price: $10
Shipping: 6$

Pink Tote

Condition: Used

Price: 5$
Shipping: Free

Flowery Tote


Condition: New

Price: 10$
Shipping: Free

Mint Schoolbag


Condition: Very Used

Price: 8$
Shipping: 6$

Airplane Messenger Bag

Condition: Like New

Price: 15$
Shipping 6$

Supergirl Clear Tote

Condition: Like New

Price: 15$
Shipping: 6$

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