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31 July 2010 @ 03:32 am
Rentrer en Soi autographed B2 poster + ViViD towel.  

Selling 2 items:

Rentrer en Soi authentic autographed B2 poster:
Condition: Good condition with no tear or ugly sticky area.
Bonus: A B2 Megamasso flyer will be added as a free gift! 

ViViD towel:
Condition: New, unopened.
Bonus A PSC phamplet will be added as a free gift!

Extra Bonus: Random visual kei flyers will be added to the package until the designated weight limit.

Please send an email to eulbreve@gmail.com for shipping and further information.

Check on my feedbacks too at http://kuinemure.livejournal.com/2885.html

Thanks for viewing!
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