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Hi! New Here!

Hi! New to selling things here (not to buying items though...^_^). I have a few volumes of manga and a couple of DVDs that I'd like to sell. All manga are in good condition, read through once or twice. DVDs are in good condition as well.

MANGA (all English translated editions)

FAKE-Sanami Matoh
Vol. 2-Vol. 7 $5.00 per book, or $25.00 for the whole set

Kill Me Kiss Me-Lee Young Yuu
Vol. 1 $4.00

Miracle Girls-Nami Akimoto ON HOLD
Vol. 1 $2.50 (This is the Chix Comix Pocket Edition version. The binding is a little cracked)

Gatekeepers-Keiji Goto
Vol. 2 $4.00 (small crease on back cover)

Kodocha Sana's Stage-Miho Obana
Vol. 2-Vol. 3 $5.00 per book, or $8.00 for both

Hyper Rune-Tamayo Akiyama
Vol. 1 $5.00

DNAngel-Yukiru Sugisaki
Vol. 1 $5.00

Tokyo Babylon-CLAMP
Vol. 1 $5.00

Marmalade Boy-Wataru Yoshizumi
Vol. 1-Vol. 2 $4.00 per book or $7.00 for both

.hack//Legend of the Twilight
Vol. 1 $5.00


Voogie's Angel $4.00
Assemble Insert $3.00
Super Gals! Vol. 1 $4.00
Cat Soup $6.00 (limited edition with the "squishy" insert-has a little wear on case, DVD has a few scratches, doesn't affect play)

I prefer money order or concealed cash, but if you need to pay by paypal, contact me, and we can work something out. I am also happy to trade for new stuff! My email is penni_ann at yahoo dot com, so feel free to contact me with any questions!
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