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Due le quartz SHIBUYA AX pamphlet~

Sorry for the size but i've got no way of resizing right now.

more pictures?

* There's a scratch on the cover and a bit of what looks like water damage on the last pages, most notably on the back cover. It doesnt affect the images though, the content. They're all in good conditon.

I need the money A.S.A.P, so paypal only, sorry to those of you who don't have an account. Also, I can't accept credit cards through paypal, it's got to be paypal funds.

shipping? Once I have a buyer and a zipcode or country I'll let you know, should be too expensive though unless you opt for express or the like.

I'm asking 25, course if anyone offers me more, that person gets it. What do I mean? Say one person says yeah, I'll give you 25 and another says we'll I'll give you 25.01... 25.01 get's it. Like I said, I need the money and as much as it kills me to part with this... I've got to.
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