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EDIT: Okay, I've bought everything I need to buy, thanks everyone!!

I'm looking to buy PRINCE OF TENNIS items, anything is fine.

It's for my little sister, whose birthday is on the 28th. So relitive quick shipping and good communication would be great, but it certainly doesn't have to be here by then, but that would be helpful. haha.

I know nothing about POT whatsoever, so I have no preference about what the item is. xD But she's obsessed. Anyway.

I'm looking mainly for small cheap items, and currently I can only pay by concealed cash, and in some rare cases paypal. But concealed cash is really preferred.

So if you have ANYTHING POT RELATED WHATSOEVER (i'll take your word for it, i don't know prince of tennis from any other anime o__o) please post here and I'll probably buy, assuming it's in decent condition and at a reasonable price.

Thanks so much!

<3 <3 <3
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