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In the market:

Hello, just putting an ad out there. I'm looking to buy an undamaged, used Robosapien in GOOD condition. Doesn't have to be perfect, but I'd enjoy it if all functions worked. Be honest with me, you likely won't lose a sale. I don't care if the battery backing to the remote is missing, or if someone wrote their name on him somewhere, I just want one. I know that last year they sold for $99 and higher, but more recently (a month or so ago) Thinkgeek.com had one on clearance for $60, and Walmart has one for like $58. So, uh...if any of you have a used one you want to sell for less than $58, I would love to give it a home.

I use PayPal AND/OR money orders. I won't screw you over with personal checks. I pay Shipping & Handling if you so desire. :\

capnkret@gmail.com if you have one you're serious about selling! I'm certainly serious about buying!
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