Christina (ophelia_begins) wrote in garagesalejapan,

In Search of....tokidoki, hello kitty, tarina tarantino, harajuku lovers


i find it really hard to find great deals in stores for tokidoki, hello kitty and especially tarina tarantino and harajuku lovers!

if you have anything along those lines you'd like to sell especialy Toidoki clothes and bags, Hello kitty clothe and Tarina Tarantino jewlery and Harajuku Lovers bags, accessories and clothing i would be super excited to pay you! i pay ASAP by paypal and you can check my feedback on ebay: many time i bought from the same seller however they only let you leave feedback per transaction.

If you have something to sell am a very willing buyer! (especially tokidoki Taramtino and Harajuku Lovers!) i'm willing to spend good money so if you're reluctant i'm willing to pay good prices for items!!

you can contact me here or through my email

i look forward to hearing from you! let me rehome your goodies for cash!

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