Caylee ✭ (jinjin_tcg) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Caylee ✭

➤ Prices lowered! (Prices include shipping for the US; I need these gone!)


First person to leave their Paypal address and can pay immediately gets the item!

I have 100% positive feedback in my journal (+13) and on eglfeedback. (+11).
I ship from GA, USA.
Prices include shipping within the US, but do not include PP fees.
International buyers, please tell me your country so I can look up the shipping cost for you.
Right now I am only accepting Paypal.
I am not interested in trades.
If you're no longer interested in an item, please tell me!

Meta sailor OP replica - $50 OBO

^ As reference, I am only 5'0 tall.

Tried on only for the picture! Missing the scarf.
Corset lacing on the back can make the bust/waist bigger/smaller.

Bust: 92 cm MAX
Waist: 80 cm MAX
Shoulder width: 36 cm
Sleeve length: 28 cm
Total length: 94 cm

Lucky Star: Konata uniform cosplay - $68 OBO

^ As reference, I am only 5'0 tall.

This cosplay outfit has no flaws whatsoever.
The scarf is adjustable, but the red ring holding it is attached to the blouse.
I would consider this a size XS as it was made to fit a small stature female.

Chococat purse - $8 OBO

Slight damage (one handle is pretty beat up; bottom is slightly worn).
Also, the inside is a little dirty, but it can easily be cleaned. (:
12 in. x 9 in. x 5 in.
damaged handle

Hello Kitty rose plush - $12 OBO

Perfect condition!
Stands 11 inches tall.
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