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Huge amount of stuff (inc. 100+ DVDs) for sale

Here's the deal: I've moved to Japan permanently, so I need to clear my old room out of all my Japan-related items. I had quite a collection, so I'm going to put things up in stages. Leave a comment if interested.

Anime DVDs Region 1
Single DVDs are $5. Make an offer on sets.

Fushigi Yugi season 1 with box
Fushigi Yugi season 2 with box
Fushigi Yugi OAV set with box
Fushigi Yugi movie Eikoden (with cards)

Final Fantasy movie
Grave of the Fireflies
Gravitation (complete with box)
Gundam Wing volume 3
.hack//sign vol. 1 DVD box with everything – DVD, CD, postcards, P2 demo disk, still-wrapped plushie, and T-shirt

Millenium Actress
Night on the Galactic Railroad
Saber Marionette (special limited edition box set, signed)

Sailor Moon (complete season with box)
Sailor Moon R (complete season with box)
Sailor Moon S (1-6, no box)
Sailor Moon SS 3 only
Sailor Moon R and SS movie

Saiyuki (seasons 1 and 2, both in boxes)
Saiyuki Reload (with box)
Saiyuki OAV Requiem

Sakura Wars movie 1 Return of the Spirit Warriors
Sakura Wars TV 1-2: Opening Night, Overture
Serial Experiments Lain 1-4
Spring and Chaos (includes a cell)
Tokyo Godfathers
Trigun (complete with box)
Utena (complete with box)
X TV 1, 3-8

Non-Anime DVDs
Gamera (volume 1 and box)
Rhapsody in August
Samurai 1-3 (Musashi Mitamoto, Duel at Ichioji Temple, Duel at Ganryu Island)

Japan’s War (WWII documentary)

Shinhwa Winter story Tour Live Concert (I think it's no region)
Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall… Spring (Korean, region 2, includes English subs)

Manga (English): All in perfect or near-perfect shape. $3 each
Eerie Queerie 2, 4
Flame of Recca 1, 2
Negima 1
Slam Dunk 1

I also have a lot of merchandise for Saiyuki, Gundam Wing, Utena, and Fushigi Yugi, so if you're interested in those, I can link pics.

I accept paypal and personal checks/money orders. I'm going to have to require a tracking number for all packages, however, since I've been burned by eBay buyers claiming to have not received their items, and Paypal forces a full refund without tracking info. Sorry. Shipping is not included in prices. I will ship internationally (from the US), but be prepared for the cost.

I live in Japan, so I'm going to have my mother mail everything. I have taken copious pictures so I know exactly where everything is, and she's done this before, so I don't expect any problems. However, she does work full-time, so it may take a few (3-4) days to mail things. No more than that - I promise. If it takes more than 7 days from receipt of payment to shipping, I will refund you.

My eBay feedback is visible here.
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