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Still cleanin' that closet

Here is my feedback on EGL
And here is even more feedback on my journal.

I ship from 96818 USA. I save all my USPS receipts in case anything comes up during a transaction.

Please check out my LOLITA CLOSET CLEANING post on EGL Comm Sales! Includes BTSSB, AP, Bodyline, h.Jelly and more.

My terms of sale:

+ Paypal only. Buyer can send money as gift or will be charged Paypal fees.

+ Shipping is not included in the price. I ship from Hawaii, USA.

+ Immediate payment required.

+ No holds or trades at all.

+ I am not responsible for items lost in the mail once they have left my possession.

+ All my items are clean. As in, if I've worn them at all, I've taken them to the dry cleaners and not worn them since.

+ OBO= OR BEST OFFER. This means prices are absolutely negotiable up OR down-- if my price is too high I'll take a lower offer. If I get higher offers I will take them. Please keep in mind I'm looking for quick sales though, not drawn out auctions, so speak up.

+ If you buy more than one thing I'll try to work out a deal for you

Please excuse my awful gray carpet

Kera Mags

June 2009 (hat)

June 2010 (brunette)

SOLD July 2010 (blonde)

$7 /each

CD Data Dec 2009- $12

CURE Visual Styling Magazines

Feb 2008 (Kamijo)- $10
June 2008 (Kaya)- $10
Oct 2008 (Dolly)- $10

New condition CDs, all official

Myv- Neo Visualizm Single (with DVD)- $12
Myv- 7 Samurai Sessions -$12
SuG- Tricolor Single $7

Official Japanese films, for US DVD players. All have english subs.

Honey and Clover - $15
SOLD Nana- $15
SOLD Nana 2- $15

AUTOGRAPHED by Exo-Chika and DJ Raveman

Aural Vampire Tour Towel

Only removed from packaging for signing and photos

$45 $30 OBO

Peach colored summer yukata, perfect for Obon season

"Easy obi" not included (it was a present from my parents)

Lavender and light blue koi fishes

Never worn. Wrinkles can be removed by running it through the dryer.

$30 OBO

Thanks for looking!!
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