girl (blueicing) wrote in garagesalejapan,

manga, hello kitty, various merchandise behind cut.
all prices include shipping in the US; canada, add $1.
paypal (preferred), money orders, trades (possibly).

manga, all in like new condition

"elemental gerad" v1, japanese text $5

"megatokyo" v1, english text (obviously) $5

horror comics special, "vampire princess miyu" full colour splash page, japanese text $8

horror comics special, "vampire yui" full colour splash page, japanese text $8

stuff, condition noted

clear plastic photo album, aprox. 6" x 8" (space for photos aprox. 6" x 4"), like new $5

rabbi~en~rose clear plastic file folder with clip, some scuffs, otherwise good $5

weiss kreuz mini notebook, ken, aprox. 3" x 2", four pages missing $3.50


hello kitty trucker hat (i know, wtf), stiches messed up in a couple places (see photo), adjustable in back $5
sold to angie_in_the_oc: shipping monday, october 24

"mint na bokura" v3, japanese text $5
sold to accela: shipping monday, october 24

post here if interested.
references, feedback available.
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