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Posting some manga for sale/trade!

Only a few until I can allow myself to let go of more!

All books in good/excellent condition with minimal shelf wear all in english.

Manga are $5:

Chobits 1 & 2
Cresent Moon 1
Eternity 1 & 2
Evils Return 1
Forbidden Dance 2
xxxxHolic 1
Lament of the Lamb 1 & 2
Legal Drug 1
X Day 1 & 2

Shipping to the US is $2 for one book. If you want more than one book I will cut you a deal on shipping ;)

Will trade for any of these mangas:
Mars 5-8 & 10-14
Neck and Neck 2+
Selfish Love 1+
Kare Kano 1+
Model 5+
Battle Royale 1+

Also I am looking for Yuki Kaori's Angel Sanctuary Art Book #2 Lost Angel, the Battle Royale Novel, and any art books/photo books from the battle royale movies.
(willing to trade or buy if price is reasonable!)
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