Firsa Asahi (asahifirsa) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Firsa Asahi

Gackt/ Malice Mizer Doujinshi for Auction :)

I don't know if you know but Gackt doujinshi are very hard to find ;_; I've found three in my whole career of wading through doujinshi whenever I'm in Japan and it's even rarer to find one that's pretty. (Because let's face it, most fan artist aren't able to draw Gackt good enough to make him recognizable at once).
Now I did get extremly lucky on my last Japan trip and found this total beauty. It's not only well drawn, but also extremly funny and it has both Gackt & Gackt Job and Malice Mizer in it. What can a fan want more? (except for money of course ;_;)
So please take a look and even if you're not interested in buying enjoy the pics :)
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