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WTB/ WTT for : Vocaloid Merchandise & Cosplay

WTB: Vocaloid Figures/Doujin/Specific Cosplay/and more random fandom stuff

Things to know about me:

♥ I'm in the USA (37221/37130)

♥ I like to know how much you want for an item -- + shipping -- I have a limited budget and I need a lot of different things :)

♥ Please link to any feedback you have -- that will help me a lot thanks :D

♥ I pay only via Paypal -- I'll add in whatever fee (I won't do gift)

♥ I need the items relatively soon, because I'm moving on August 20th. So if you're a slow shipper. Don't bother posting.

What I'm looking for

♫ Smaller Figurines (better for my budget) --- (unless you somehow have the Miku Append figure -- and want to work out a deal with me)

♫ Doujinshi featuring these couples/pairings: Miku x Kaito, Len x Miku, Miku(solo), Len (solo), Kaito (solo), Gag doujin

♫ Costumes//Cosplay: I need a Kaito Costume for a Male -- I will need everything from the set -- I'm happy to buy pieces in parts :)

If you like trading things
I have a Fantasy Sheep wig located here:

brand new :D <3 thanks!

Tags: collectibles, doujinshi, fashion: cosplay, fashion: general, toys
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