DreamToChange (dreamtochange) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Selling tons of old JE magazines, CD's, Photos and tons of Manga!

Hey! Since I am going back to school soon I need money for my senior dues. So here's the thing anyone who reaches over the price of $25 automatically can have a 10% discount. The reason why it's so low is because well I lowered the price a lot form the original cost!

There are things such as...

- Magazines from 2001 and 2002 (only those 2 though) and TONS OF 2008 magazines MAJORITY of them are NOT missing anything!
- NEWS JE Photo
- HSJ Debut Photos
- HSJ 2009 Summary Photos
- HSJ 2009 Winter Concert Photos
- Ya-Ya-Yah Photo
- Mangas ranging from Chinese and English
- TegoMasu's Miso Soup Regular & DVD version
- HSJ 2008-2009 Calendar/Photo Book (missing some parts so price are lowered, go to HERE to check out what's missing)

check it out over here!!
Tags: anime, collectibles, idols: johnny's, magazines, manga: english, manga: other, music: jpop, wanted
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