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CHEAP DS Video Games, Manga, Mashimaro, & MORE

I'm in a really tight spot when it comes to money, so I'm hoping to sell the following.

Please give me your best offer and I will be more than willing to consider! 

DS Games

Pokemon Soul Silver
-Comes with everything besides pokewalker
http://i303.photobucket.com/albums/nn133/Ithonya/Mobile%20Uploads/0707101831-00.jpg [ Doesn't show the case, but it's in my possession]

Luminous Arc 2
-Complete box set in like new condition. The OST seal has been opened but the CD has never been played. The other cardboard box has a few wrinkles and a rip on the tab , but everything else is fine!

http://i303.photobucket.com/albums/nn133/Ithonya/DSGames0001.jpg [Please ignore the other 2 games shown]
Naruto Path of the Ninja  
- Just the game.

Harvest Moon DS
- Just the game.

[Get all 4 for just $34 shipped within the US! You might pay a few dollars more if you're over seas. This is still open to haggling! I really need the money so feel free to! Just be FAIR]

Vampire Knight Volume 2
The Dreaming Volume 1
Hollow Field Volume 1 
All English versions


Mashimaro Doll
-  I got it from Morning Glory! Very cute! there's a loop on it's head so you can attach it to where ever you want.

Art Commissions!
They range from $1.50 to $4.50! Please check them out! It's just one click away!
- If this isn't allowed, please tell me and I'll take it off

!! Click images for full view! !!
More Information Here
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