kanashimi_sales (kanashimi_sales) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Jpop/Jrock/Lolita/Manga/Anime/video games & more on eBay!

I've put all my things for sale eBay. Please check them out!
There is some really amazing prices!

Wallflower 1-19+21 Graphic Novels
Rina Aiuchi - Miracle Single CD
DJ Ozma I ♥ Party People CD album NEW in plastic
Princess Princess - Dolls in Action CD album
Smap 009 CD album
Aya Kamiki - Rock CD album
Anna Tsuchiya Kuroi Namida CD single
Anna Tsuchiya Change Your Life CD single
Angelic Pretty Cutsew
Baby The Stars Shine Bright Blouse
Donkey Konga Gamecube Game with bongos
Red Steel Nintendo Wii game
Clover vol. 1 graphic novel in Japanese
Genju no Seiza Vol 1 Graphic novel
Jing Vol. 4 Graphic Novel
Ultra Maniac 1-5 Complete Manga series
Nana vol.1 graphic novel in Japanese
Lagoon Engine Vol. 1-3 graphic novels
Pretear Vol 1-4 graphic novels. complete manga series
4 volumes of Gon dinosaur manga
Lot of various Visual kei/Jrock mini mags. Gab/Vinyl Syndicate/TR
Lead Movies 1 DVD
Deep Love Japanese movie DVD
Teppei Koike First Letter Photo Book
Lot of 42 Pokemon VHS videos.
2 kanon wakeshima single cd's - Still Doll & Suno no Oshiro
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