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Hello everyone, here is my first selling post, here at GSJ! This post contains: Naruto merchandise, Japanese stationary, bento accessories, and much more!
**Everything is make an offer! I need to pay the bills, so I'm willing to let things go super cheap**

Terms of Sale

PRICES: None of the items listed include shipping.
PAYMENT:  I accept Paypal and well-concealed cash. I expect payment in a timely manner, and am not responsible if CC goes missing.
SHIPPING: I ship USPS, usually first class, unless otherwise notified. I will not send media mail, as I am shipping items from Hawaii, and from past experiences, items take over a month to reach their destination. I do ship internationally, but I will only use flat-rate priority boxes!
TRADE/SWAPS: I am open for trading or swapping. If you're interested, let me know!

FEEDBACK: +60 @ eBay & +03 in my LJ, under [info]toxxicvalentine 
Please ask for my eBay username, if you're interested in viewing my feedback.

Pucchi Petite Collections Re-Ment Sushi Bar, Otsumami Daisuki Set. Box has been opened, but everything else is still in it's original plastic wrap. 

Naruto Shippuden - Gaara Cell Phone Charm. His head and arms move freely. Received as a capsule toy in Japan. Removed from it's original plastic wrapping, but is still in perfect condition. Can be shipped with or without the capsule and inserts.

Naruto Japanese Notebook With 9 Included Stickers. Contains 25 Unlined/Blank Pages. Brand new - 2 available.

Japanese Eagle Schoolbook. Has 30 pages and is lined vertically and is brand new.

Mini Sheets. I have a ton available!

Medium Sheets.

Large Sheets With Assorted Envelopes.

Strawberry Hello Kitty Lunchbox Speakers. Tested, but in perfect condition. Opens up, and can comfortably hold an iPod Video, but is too small to hold an iTouch. Traded!

Mini Hello Kitty Origami Set. Contains 15 5x5 cm sheets, 5 10x10 cm sheets, 15 7.5x7.5 sheets and a pair of small pink scissors. Brand new. 

Hello Kitty "Bubblegum Stick" Memo. Contains 8 different memo sheets. Brand new and unopened.

Piggy's Burger Shop & Tofu Sponge Sticker Sheets. Both are brand new.

Blue Espie Decoration Pen. Tested only once.

Cute Japanese Food Erasers. All are brand new.
Two Cream Puffs
Two Slices of Cake
Basket of Dumplings

Japanese Eraser Desert Box Includes four erasers and a small pink plastic box. Brand new.

Set of Two Monkey Mayo Case With Banana Spreaders. Brand new in package.

Set of 12 Japanese Bento Picks. Brand new.

Pink Rabbit Tomo Tomo Elastic Bento Belt. Brand new.

Pink Rabbit Tomo Tomo Chopsticks With Matching Case. Brand new.
Cute Brown Cat Tri-Fold Wallet. Bought in Japan. Brand new.

Life's A Flame Mini-CD From Lupin The Third. Features 4 Songs by You & Explosion Band Featuring Lileth. In great condition.

Ranma 1/2 VHS Tapes 1-9. English Dubbed Versions. There are a bit of wear to the tape sleeves, but the video is excellent.
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