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1990s - early 2000s VK CDs and DVDs for Sale!

VK CD's for SALE!!!!!!

Greetings all! My first post here at GSJ!

Many of the items listed are rare and or out of print. All are originals from Japan.

Offers are welcome on all items listed.

Pics below show actual items for sale. Details go from top left, to right.

Vidoll: Romanesque Gothic 1st press   $18
Rentroir en Soi: Cinema Cradle $20
Malice Mizer: Cardinal PV Collection  $25
Malice Mizer: Bara no Konrei preview and interview DVD $ 15
Lareine: Bara wa Utsukushiku Kuchiru 1st press w/ Mayu trading card $8
Phantasmagoria: After the moonlight revival PV Collection $15
Malice Mizer: Ma Cherie 1st press
~Offers welcomed on all items~

-Tetsu no Shima 2nd press $ 20
-Gothic Party single $15
-Mizery in the Dusk PV collection $30
-Ayabie Sokukan Eizoushū PV Collection
~Offers welcomed on all items~

Due le Quartz:
-Mikansei no Jekyll to Hyde $15
-Jisatsu Ganbou 1st press $25
-Jisatsu Ganbou 2nd press $20
-Rodeo 1st press $25
-Re:plica 1st press $20
-Dear Disc 1  1st press $20

Dear Disc 2  1st press w/ postcards of all members
~Offers welcomed on all items~

-Ash 1st press $15
-La Luna 1st press $15
-Angel Single 1st press $12
-Terre 1st press w/ glow in the dark cd sleeve $15
-En Fluer $10
-Kaleidoscope $10
-Paradise Lost 1st press w/ metallic foil cd jacket $15
~Offers welcomed on all items~

Kozi: Khaos / Kinema $15
D'espairs Ray: Mirror (Japan version) $30
Candy Spooky Theater: The Bedroom $10
Hide: Hide your face $20
Laputa: Jakou 1st press with sleeve and photo booklet $15
Vidoll: Sinai single w/ DVD containing "Eliza" PV $15
Moi dix Mois: Shadows Temple single  $10
Schwarz Stein: Current single $10
Blood: Spleen  autographed by Fuki, Kiwamu and Kaede $10
~Offers welcomed on all items~

Buying Information:

- Serious buyers only!
- I only accept Paypal
-Shipping for each item will be added after the sale, base prices and shipping options are posted below.
- Sales are final, shipping insurance is extra and I will offer it if requested
- Item will be shipped after payment clears.
-I will ship internationally, but I am not responsible for customs fees, and the shipping rates quoted below are for US Domestic shipping only


Method:                   USPS         media mail                Parcel Post                  Priority

                                        1 CD:         2.38                       xxx                          4.90                
                                        2 CD:         2.77                       xxx                          4.95                
                     3 CDs  or more :         x x x                       5.00                     10.70                 
                                                                                                               (prices are in USD)

~Please contact me for Combined Shipping and International Shipping quotes ~

Paypal Specifics:

-It is the buyers responsibility to pay the 2.9% + $0.30 USD fee (International: 3.9% + $0.30 USD).
-please Private Message me with your paypal email after the sale so that I may generate an invoice with the shipping quote for your items
- I prefer that buyers not pay with E-Check, but if that is the only option, please let me know beforehand, as it will increase your shipping wait time estimate

Additional images of items are available upon request.

I can be contacted at mayukasama at if necessary.

Thank you for looking!
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